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The Water Kefir Craze


It’s all the rave these days but only to the health conscious and discerning few who have diligently done their homework. To catch you up on the elusive water kefir craze, let’s talk tibicos – the scientific name for water kefir.

What’s All The Fuss Over Water Kefir?

Similar to kombucha, water kefir is a fermented beverage, made much the same way as its counterpart except the scoby is a handful of kefir grains. When culturing sweet water, sugar and fruit with a starter culture (kefir grains), you get a highly probiotic drink that is only slightly tart yet deliciously effervescent. In fact, water kefir is naturally rich in beneficial bacteria and yeast, which support an increased immunity and improved digestive health. Better yet, water kefir is an excellent choice for those who are vegan, gluten or lactose intolerant who cannot have milk kefir or yoghurt in their diet. Although delightfully sweet, water kefir still has a lower sugar content than most beverages on the market today. The probiotics in water kefir convert some of the sugar into beneficial acids, while the remaining sugar adds a naturally sweet taste so it is extremely palatable and refreshing. If you like your water kefir sweeter, you can also try coconut water kefir. However, if you're using coconut water instead of normal water to brew your kefir, you may want to add less sugar to your brew as coconut water has a higher sugar content.

Why Drink Water Kefir?

Probiotic-rich foods, such as water kefir have the ability to help improve your gut health. The beneficial bacteria in water kefir grains eat the sugar in the water and as it metabolizes the sugar, it produces beneficial acids, essential enzymes, B vitamins and heaps more beneficial bacteria. All this fermentation reduces the sugar content of the drink, so you get a delightfully sweet drink without the guilt. If you’re new to water kefir, it is recommended to drink half a glass daily and pay attention to how you feel.

The Bottom Line

In summary, water kefir is a great substitute for unhealthy soft drinks or alcohol. However, like all fermented beverages, water kefir contains a minute amount of alcohol – about 0.5% - 0.75% similar to kombucha. This is completely normal and gives fermented drinks a cheeky little buzz, which is great for taste and preservation. The bottom line is the water kefir craze is on the rise so why not get behind it? 

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