Water Kefir Brewing Q&A

Water Kefir Brewing Questions & Answers

Water kefir has a delicate, sweet yet lightly tangy taste. Kefir grains feed on sugar water in the first ferment, around 24 to 48 hours. You can then flavour your water kefir with fresh fruit or even brew using coconut water to enhance the aroma. 

What are Water Kefir grains made of?

It is a type of grain-like culture of bacteria and yeast that look like gelatinous substances.

My Water Kefir isn't fermenting and it still taste sweet after 48-72 hours?

Try placing your Water Kefir in a warmer spot such as a hot water cupboard, or use a heating pad. This is especially good during Winter months. You can also wrap your Water Kefir in a towel.

Why aren't my grains growing?

Water Kefir grains go through phases, it might just need some fresh sugar water.

How much Water Kefir should I drink?

It is recommended you drink 100ml to 125ml a day. This is a good dosage to start with then you can increase it as time goes by.

More questions? 

If you have a specific question that you're unsure about, please contact info@isiko.co.nz

Happy Brewing!