About Us

We’re a husband-and-wife team from Auckland with a passion for brewing fermented beverages that promote good gut health and better, healthier drinking habits. Having consumed sugary drinks in the past we decided there has to be a better way. We also found that many of these unhealthy habits resulted in digestive problems due to poor gut health. Our journey of discovering natural, traditional healing medicines opened up a world of self healing, which led us to the discovery of kombucha and it's powerful healing properties.  

As we learnt more about the amazing health benefits of kombucha, it was just the beginning of a new venture into starting a small brewery of own making healthy beverages. Little did we know we'd be concocting our home brews in a little kitchen on the North Shore.

As the guinea pigs for our batch testing, we'd consumed so much kombucha that we literally felt alive inside. We finally found a natural, healthy drink that we could drink every day and that has real health benefits. Kombucha contains hundreds of billions of prebiotics and probiotics that are beneficial for maintaining an optimal micriobiome.

Having made this discovery and hearing all the good stuff about this bubbly beverage, it's hard not to fall in love with kombucha, but when it's as delicious as ours, it's not hard at all. The fermented food revolution ignited our passion for promoting gut-friendly food and beverages with functional benefits.

We've put lots of love and positive energy into bringing you a pretty decent booch that's not just nourishing and refreshing, but that's full of living probiotics to keep you and your gut happy.