Benefits of Drinking Water Kefir

One of the key benefits of drinking water kefir is that it helps you lose weight. Because kefir is a grain, it is high in protein and therefore when consumed, helps you feel fuller for longer. However, it is best to drink only the recommended dosage, as too much kefir can slow the progress of weight loss. Start with 100ml-125ml a day to kickstart your way to a healthy gut and better health. Other benefits of drinking water kefir include; boosting your immune system, assisting with digestive problems and it also improves joint mobility i.e. bone health and may even fight cancer cells. Drinking water kefir is particularly useful as it is fermented to release all the beneficial bacteria and yeast, and the great part is that it is so much better for you! Water kefir is so good you can substitute it for soft drinks and energy drinks because it is nutrient-rich and also tastes delicious. It is so powerful that it contains at least 10 billion bacteria per serving and will increase your immunity while boosting energy levels. Water kefir is highly probiotic for improved gut health and increased immunisation against bad gut bacteria. As water kefir is dairy and gluten-free, as well as vegan friendly, it is fast becoming popular as a natural remedy for fighting minor illnesses, such as cold and flu among other uses. A low sugar kefir is a great replacement for soft drinks and it makes a great cocktail mixer.