Kombucha Brewing Q&A

Kombucha Brewing Questions & Answers

Kombucha can be brewed in a first fermentation as your base brew. The second fermentation is when you can flavour your kombucha. Add whatever fruit infusions you like to spruce up your booch. 

 Q & A

A thin file is forming on my kombucha brew?

This is the new kombucha scoby forming, this will get thicker over time.

My Kombucha still tastes sweet after 10 days?

This is usually due to low temperature causing the fermentation to slow. Place in a hot water cupboard and wrap your jar in a towel to keep warm.

My kombucha tastes like vinegar?

Kombucha is part of the vinegar family. This kombucha has been brewed too long, start again and brew for less time. 

When can I double my batch?

You can double your batch once your new scoby baby has grown to the diameter of the jar. Your scoby will continue to grow over time to make more.

I have furry mould or my scoby has pink on it?

Throw the whole lot out and start again. 

My scoby is really thick can I divide it?

Yes once the scoby gets to 1 - 2 cm peeling or cutting the bottom layers off is recommended. 

Why is there a floaty in my Kombucha?

Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. The little jellies, as we like to call them, are condensed forms of the probiotic cultures found in Kombucha. They are super healthy but may not be everyone's cup of tea. Drink or discard, it is up to you.

More questions? 

If you have a specific question that you're unsure about, please contact info@isiko.co.nz

Happy Brewing!