What is Water Kefir?

What Is Water Kefir?

Water kefir originates from kefir grains, that is believed to come from Mexico from a cactus plant. They are soft, gelatinous looking grains that multiply when they are fed and kept healthy. They will continue to grow when given sugary water and allowed to ferment for a certain period of time. When consumed, water kefir offers extremely beneficial bacteria that has a high probiotic count.

The Origins Of Water Kefir

Water kefir is brewed all around the world from Mexico to Japan. It is extremely probiotic and contains natural enzymes that help with many health issues, such as digestive problems. For this reason, water kefir has been known for its powerful antioxidants, that have long been used to improve overall health and well-being. This ancient method of fermentation contains more probiotics and more than 1 billion beneficial bacteria per 100ml serving. For this reason, water kefir has seen a growth in popularity, and is special in that it improves immunity and even protects against certain types of cancer. Because it aids in the prevention of these types of diseases, and contains beneficial bacteria and yeast, water kefir has been consumed for centuries for all these reasons. Not only is ISIKO water kefir 100% natural, but it also provides more good fighting bacteria than many other fermented drinks. Best of all, it tastes great and you can even flavour it with your favourite fruit or juice.

The Ingredients:

Water kefir is made by adding kefir grains to sugar water and allowing it to ferment over a few days. The result is an incredibly delicious tasting, super healthy beverage. ISIKO water kefir has the right balance between sweetness of flavour and subtlety of tartness. With this perfect flavour combination, our water kefir is highly pleasurable to drink, while still providing you with the benefits of this powerful probiotic beverage.